Welcome to, published by Valrhona, SAS, with a registered capital of 1 539 990 €, having its registered offices at Tain L’Hermitage, France, registered in the 435 480 520 Trade and Companies Register under the number FR79435480520. Tel: +33 (0)4 75 07 90 90 This section is dedicated to our Privacy Protection Policy. Here you can learn more about the origin and use of the browsing data processed during your visit to our Site and your related rights in this regard. This Policy is important for you in order to have the best possible experience and maximize your confidence in our services. It is important for us in order to fully and accurately answer your questions about the use of the browsing data and to fully understand your expectations. • Personal information Depending on the services you request, you may be asked to provide personal data that is either required or optional. It is indicated on all the forms on this website whether these data are required or optional, and that there are no specific consequences if you do not wish to respond. Valrhona saves the information collected from the forms on this website in a digital file for the purposes of customer management.

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